This is “The Thing”

If you are serious about quitting playing small and learning how to Ask for More for your work and your life, then this training I have been preparing for the last few months is for YOU!

This FREE training is called “The Ask for MORE Series.”

Am I in the wrong job?

Many people don’t know whether they should quit their job or not.

They are constantly questioning whether staying or leaving are going to be good moves. I really feel the need to give some insight into understanding whether you are in the wrong job or not.

Knowing who you are is KEY

I have been getting some transformational coaching of my own the last couple of months (I always have at least couple of coaches I work with, beware of coaches who do NOT work with other coaches or supervisors, this is a MUST!) and what I have experienced or am experiencing is mind-blowing.

Claudia De Pasquale

Claudia De Pasquale

Certified Professional Coach accredited ICF, NLP Master Practitioner and mBIT Certified Coach

“Finding your passion is not just about your career and money. It is about finding your authentic self. The one you have buried beneath other people’s needs.”

– Kristin Hannah

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